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Why choose Luckabox for business and courier services?

Luckabox searches for, finds, and coordinates the best couriers for the retail, hospitality and e-commerce industries. Parcels can be easily tracked while solutions to all and any problems as well as direct customer contact are only a click away.

Luckabox’s Partners

Try out cost-effective delivery now.

Luckabox can be set up within minutes and immediately ensures your delivery process ensures quick, cost-effective delivery.

Simple to use

An intuitive dashboard allows for all delivery steps coordinated by Luckabox to be tracked easily.


Problems can be solved quickly and easily.


End-customers can leave valuable feedback regarding the delivery process on the Luckabox platform.


End-customers have the choice of three delivery options, meaning they are offered the best service possible to ensure high customer satisfaction.

Access an intuitive user interface
Manage all processes in just a few clicks.

Set up Luckabox. Then sit back and relax.

Retailers no longer need to contact couriers to coordinate their orders as Luckabox will take care of this for them, putting them in touch with partners best suited to their business needs on its online platform.

Track and trace parcels
View end-customer feedback
Directly connect to your system
Access an intuitive user interface
Track shipments in just one click. It’s as easy as that.

Parcel tracking has never been so easy.

You can monitor your deliveries at a glance with our accurate and continuous shipment tracking service.

Just get in touch

You can contact your customers in just one click.

Solve problems with a first-class support service

Problem-solving tools offer a quick fix, and the Luckabox team will be quick to assist you with all and any problems you may have.

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