Quick, intuitive, and reliable.

Courier and logistics companies gain access to exciting new business in their respective delivery areas with Luckabox. Our platform matches professional and reliable parcel, express and bike couriers in Europe to jobs in the retail, hospitality and e-commerce industries using a highly intuitive online platform.

A reliable courier partner for the future.

Luckabox gives logistics companies the planning security they need by means of a reliable digital platform.

Luckabox is tailored to your delivery service.

We know the daily challenges facing our delivery partners. In order to tackle these, we have optimised our dashboard for you, meaning you can work efficiently and seamlessly.

Facts and figures

Monitor your performance using the dashboard and access both end-customer testimonials as well as transport issues.

Optimise your usage

Working with Luckabox, you are able to access many more courier jobs and reduce the amount of empty runs simultaneously.

API integration

Connect Luckabox to your systems. It will integrate seamlessly into your individual courier platform, meaning you’ll automatically have access to businesses.

Optimised routes

Luckabox will help you find the most efficient routes for your deliveries, all while helping you to optimise your resources, and save time and money.

Flexible pricing models

Pricing models are designed around your needs.

Standardised shipping labels

Luckabox provides you with standardised shipping labels for an optimised and easily manageable delivery process.

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