The delivery service your customers want.

Your customers expect flexible delivery options best suited to their lifestyles. With Luckabox, they’ll be able to check out of your shop in the morning, and have their products delivered to them by the afternoon. Traditional Next-Day-Deliveries are also possible, and customers can opt to receive their delivery within a 2-hour time slot. Link up your online shop with Luckabox’s interface in a few easy steps.

Benefits for businesses using Luckabox

Luckabox enables you to work efficiently, saving not only money, but time. This is because we find and coordinate the best couriers for you right up to the last mile.

Access an intuitive user interface

Our flexible API allows you to easily link Luckabox to your online shop, all while being innovative and developer-friendly.

Book using your phone                

You can book shipments comfortably using your phone and receive text message notifications regarding your delivery.

Clear tracking options

Using our tracking function, you can monitor all delivery steps at a glance.

First-class support

The Luckabox team will lend a helping hand should you encounter any hiccups.

Do you want to work with Luckabox?

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