It’s our mission to help businesses overcome delivery challenges.

We, at Luckabox, are firm believers in businesses perfecting their core product. This is what constitutes fulfilment for us. Our mission is to help businesses overcome delivery challenges and enable their products to gain maximum reach.

Luckabox – The “Last Mile Digital Forwarder”

Over 40% of delivery costs are incurred during the “last miles” of the delivery process. Here, traditional delivery services often experience problems with coordination. We, at Luckabox, act as a guiding light during this last, essential phase of the delivery process and coordinate all steps necessary for an efficient and cost-effective delivery. That is exactly what being a “Last Mile Digital Forwarder” means.

Our Team

These are the people working day-in, day-out, to help you and your customers achieve the best delivery service possible.

Aike Festini

Co-Founder & CEO

Alexander Temperli


Maite Mihm

Co-Founder & Customer Projects

Fisnik Beqiri

Logistics Competence

Michael Schmid

Logistics Operation Manager

David Roth

Project Administrator

Raffael Schmid

Lead Technology

Bassil Eid

Product Advisor

David Geiter

IT Back End

Thomas Schläpfer

Product Owner

Lukas Lehmann

Customer Success

Markiian Linynskyi

IT Front End

Bojan Erceg

IT Back End

Yaroslav Matiichuk

IT Front End

Adrien Belaich

UI/UX Design


Feel Good Manager